Vintage Ford Truck

I wanted to start posting about the film photographs I’ve been making and give more of a story behind them.

I have an attraction to photographing vintage automobiles. There’s something about the patina found on them, and they have so much more character than the automobiles that are made today.

This vintage Ford F-100 (1967-1972) is located in the neighborhood that I live in. I’ve made a few photos of this same truck, but felt that this one turned out the best due to the time of day it was taken.

I always attempt to make the photos appear to be taken during the time period that they were in their prime even though the cars themselves don’t always look it. I make sure there’s no modern cars in the background, or anything to indicate that this was taken in the present.

I made this photo with a medium format Mamiya C220 Twin Lens Reflex camera on Kodak Portra 400 film. I use the Mamiya C220 for a lot of my film work because the end result from this camera is beautiful.

Prints available here

Zion/Vegas Road Trip

Took a trip with my brother, Cody Long, and 13 of his closest friends on a road trip to Zion National Park, and Las Vegas for his bachelor party.

We packed into a 15 passenger van and headed out in the evening towards Zion, and made it to The Valley of Fire National Park to catch the sun rise. We spent a few days in Zion, and then stopped at Las Vegas on the way home for a night to wash all of the dirt off of us in the hotel pool.

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