I traveled out to Arizona to the Barry M. Goldwater Air Force range to camp and make photos with two amazing photographers Scott B. Davis, and Stacy Keck. We had the area to ourselves and listened to coyotes howl in the late hours of the night. We saw lush Ocotillo, aromatic Elephant Trees, and mature Saguaro cactus spread about the desert. The below are prints that I made from the trip with a Mamiya C220, and a Canon AE-1P.

Jack’s Muffler

A few days after I took this photo an employee at Jack’s Muffler was attacked with a hammer for no apparent reason. He had $300 in his pocket which was not even taken from him leading to no real motive other than a random attack.

I made this photo around 9pm, and as I was setting up the camera there was a man walking down the sidewalk behind me. I was focused on the camera settings and composure, but something told me to keep alert of my surroundings in that area at night. Nothing happened, but this random attack a few nights later around the same time made me realize this could have happened to anyone.

I will be donating 50% of the sales for this print to Henry Rader’s Go Fund Me fundraiser.

You can find the print for sale here.

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