Talbott & Sons video

I created this video with Jon Talbott of Talbott & Sons based in San Diego, California.

“Our heritage comes from an era that celebrated American creativity and craft. In the late 1960s Jerry Talbott finished his tour in the Vietnam War and traded in his dress blues for a shop apron. In 1974 he founded Talbott & Sons; a company proudly dedicated to making superior quality, luxury leather goods.

One generation and nearly five decades later, we’re still doing things the old fashioned way. Every product is made by our own hands to meet the high standards we set. It’s the only way of ensuring that true quality remains accessible to our customers. We wouldn’t brand our family’s name and history into each product if we didn’t believe in them ourselves.

Talbott & Sons leather goods are made in the USA with materials exclusively sourced across the nation. If you haven’t associated luxury with American made products before, you will now.”


I traveled out to Arizona to the Barry M. Goldwater Air Force range to camp and make photos with two amazing photographers Scott B. Davis, and Stacy Keck. We had the area to ourselves and listened to coyotes howl in the late hours of the night. We saw lush Ocotillo, aromatic Elephant Trees, and mature Saguaro cactus spread about the desert. The below are prints that I made from the trip with a Mamiya C220, and a Canon AE-1P.

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